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43402 BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (OH) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 18:11:24 (CET)
Min Mor var en Jensen
Ea Eden <>
N4G 5L8 Tillsonburg, Ontario (ON) Canada - Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 17:31:51 (CET)
Hallo, Beautiful Sites ! Ralf and Henry (Framodriver)
Ralf Korn Steinweg 17 04759 Oschatz <>
[Andet] - Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 16:45:20 (CET)
Hallo, wir haben 3 Restaurierte Wartburgs 311 ( Bj. 1957/ 58 / 62 ) wir möchte dieses Jahr eine längere Reise mit diesen Fahrzeugen unternehmen. Natürlich wäre es schön wenn wir das mit einem Wartburg oder Ost-Fahrzeug Treffen verbinden könnten. Kann mir jemand in dieser Sache Helfen ? Wo und Wann sind solche Treffen? Weiterhin suchen wir noch kontakte zu anderen Wartburg-311 Besitzern im In- und Ausland. Dank an alle Mit Gruß Heintje
Heintje Peter <>
[Andet] - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 14:11:45 (CET)
My G father Jens Viggo Jorgen Marinus Jensen ,born about 1862 in Neile Denmark emigrated to australia [date unknown] .Married my G mother in Cottesloe,Western Australia on 21 July 1904. As this is the only data I have on him any additional info would be greatly appreciated
Neville Jenkins <nevjenk>
Tasmania (TAS) Australien - Tuesday, January 01, 2002 at 04:38:54 (CET)
I am thrilled to find a site that has both Danish and English choices.... It is verry hard to decipher Danish sites...
Lori Havener <>
74733 Colbert, Oklahoma (OK) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Monday, December 10, 2001 at 09:12:09 (CET)
Test - e-mail will not work ;-(
Jensen <>
2100 København Ø, Danmark - Sunday, November 25, 2001 at 08:41:59 (CET)
Hello, I was visited your website trying to find out any information about my great grandfather, Lauritz Toft. You have a terrific site and I will visit it again to do more research. The translations section of your site is so helpful. I now know he was a member of the Thisted parish.
Stephanie Taft Bouchard <>
05450 Enosburg Falls, Vermont (VT) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Thursday, November 22, 2001 at 02:10:38 (CET)
After searching for weeks in USA sites, I came to this one and found my great grandfather in one visit. Hello to all my Larsen cousins in Denmark!!!
Judith <>
37857 Rogersville, Tennessee (TN) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Tuesday, November 20, 2001 at 13:22:04 (CET)
Hello! I´m looking for pistons for wartburg. Standard 70 mm size or maybe first over size (0,5mm?) . Is this possible to get and in that case what´s the price? Greatings . Mikael Vesala. Sweden
Mikael Wesala <>
[Andet] Sverige - Sunday, November 04, 2001 at 01:39:30 (CET)
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Mohammad Nezam vazifeh <>
18939 Tehran, Colorado (CO) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 05:04:11 (CET)
Hej jeg har selv haft en wartburg og leder efter en mere! det er som i sikkert selv ved sådan at når man har haft en bliver man ved med at være facinert af den! hvis der er nogle der kunne tænke sig at få en kopi af en instruktions/værkstedsbog over wartburg! kan i kontakte mig! den er godt nok på tysk!! men man kan få noget ud af den alligevel! måske der er en som ville kunne oversætte den!! med venlig hilsen donny!
Donny brix <>
4700 Næstved, Danmark - Monday, October 01, 2001 at 14:27:17 (CEST)
I find this interesting.I did not realize that Danes were so numerous in New Zealand. Apparently we are all over the world pretty much.
Mert Jensen <>
56358 Ogilvie, Minnesota (MN) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Saturday, September 15, 2001 at 23:52:52 (CEST)
Jasmin avdic <>
2170 Liverpool, New South Wales (NSW) Australien - Monday, September 10, 2001 at 15:01:35 (CEST)
My Father was a Dan born in Copenhagen in 1900. He came from a family of 15 plus
John H Jensen <>
46224 Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Monday, September 10, 2001 at 02:40:24 (CEST)
I want to ask you where I can by a model of wartburg 353 from 1977 year and if I can how much is? Tanks in andvance.
Jasmin avdic <>
2170 Liverpool, New South Wales (NSW) Australien - Wednesday, September 05, 2001 at 15:39:35 (CEST)
This is a very interesting sight. I really came upon it quite by accident. But I will keep checking here. Thanks for help from Denmark. Carolyn Perkins
Carolyn Perkins <>
76234 Decatur, Texas (TX) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 22:29:11 (CEST)
G.G Granparents Hemming Jensen (born c.1828, Skallerup?) & Anna Christina (Kirstene?)Jensen (born c. 1828) emigrated to NZ on the Winchester in 1874. Have searched many Danish databases and cannot find any trace of them. They married about 1850 and children born were: Hans b.19.1.1853 at Stege, Jens Peter b. 1855 at Vordingborg, Anna Sophia b.1856, Christian and Lars Peter all born at Bakebolle. These children's surname was Hemmingsen. Hans was my G. Grandfather. I would dearly love to find out anything at all about them and the life they may have lead. There is not much information in the Danish Archives (that I have been able to find, anyway) regarding emmigration to New Zealand, and yet many thousands of Danes came and settled here. Perhaps I am not looking in the correct places? PS. This is a good Website, will bookmark and check in again.
Maureen cuthbertson <>
New Zealand - Friday, June 29, 2001 at 10:28:07 (CEST)
I have just requested search for Danish ancestors in Tveje Merløse, Holbæk, Denmark. Grateful if you can help me at all. Many thanks. I find it easier to write in English after nearly 40 years in Scotland. Kirsten.
Kirsten McTavish, Scotland <>
Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 00:48:20 (CEST)
In search for any information on Carl Ferdinand Osterberg.
Sherri Meeks <>
27891 Whitakers, North Carolina (NC) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 16:45:41 (CEST)

DizZy <>
Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Friday, May 25, 2001 at 22:47:31 (CEST)
Good website has info about trabant.
Allen macdonald <>
k1z 8m1 Ottawa, Ontario (ON) Canada - Friday, May 18, 2001 at 20:03:01 (CEST)

Harold D.Hansen <>
01119 Springfield, Massachusetts (MA) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 03:40:08 (CEST)
My gg grandfather Jens Jensen B.1830 wife Mary Sophe Christensen m 1857 crosses USA 1857 Utha. Looking for families. Thank you.
Judith Downing <>
95355 Modesto, California (CA) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Thursday, April 26, 2001 at 02:07:23 (CEST)
This is a fun site. I can see that you may be of great help for me. I found you through the Family Search (LDS) site. Thanks!
Susan Call <>
98001 Auburn, Washington (WA) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Tuesday, April 24, 2001 at 07:14:50 (CEST)
My gggrandfather was Soren Jensen, son of Jens Peter Sorensen and Ane Johanna Katrine Jensen. He was born 14 June 1838 in Hvirring, Skandg, Denmark. I am looking for any links to his ancestors. I am new at this and would appreciate any help or guidance you could give. I am looking forward to checking out the rest of your web site. Thank you, Becky Harrington
Becky Beecroft Harrington <>
83221 Blackfoot, Idaho (ID) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 01:31:56 (CEST)
Signed your guest book in Sept. 2000 but have to do it again for this reason----Thank you for all the information you sent me on my Great grandfather. May God bless you for the work you do for others.
Janet Bishey <>
Fort Dodge, Iowa (IA) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 05:55:15 (CET)

Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 05:51:26 (CET)
Hello! It is a good site, I found here many new. Please, look at WWW.CSS.MINSK.BY/WARTBURG, it is new club of Wartburg fans in Minsk. Best wishes! Vladimir
Vladimir Astrovski <>
Belarus - Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 23:29:00 (CET)
Searching for Danish ancestors - Petersen and Jensen. Grandfather, Frederik T. Jensen, born March 15, 1891 in Assens DK. Grandmother, Valborg Petersen, born February 2, 1891 in Copenhagen. I plan to research this site more thoroughly in the near future. Thank you.
Marj Abbott <>
68601 Columbus, Nebraska (NE) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Monday, January 29, 2001 at 03:43:33 (CET)
We figure that he is hiding something, it it's only a guess. Nice site.
Kevin <>
73507 Lawton, Oklahoma (OK) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 06:53:15 (CET)
Jensen I have been trying to find some of my father family left in denmark (Niels Mikkelsen 3-31-1875) Tved denmark mary
Mary mikkelsen wheaton <>
14456-9132 Geneva, new york, New York (NY) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Thursday, November 09, 2000 at 22:52:44 (CET)
Hi, Iam looking for information on my great great grandfather Jens Christian Jensen. I know he came from Denmark to the usa in1868, but dont know what area or town . He was born in 1823 , had seven children Johan,Anders,marie,jens,carl,frederick and trine. they settled near viborg and Irene, south dakota. If you have any info please e-mail me. thank you mark morrison.
Mark morrison <>
57110 Sioux falls, South Dakota (SD) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Friday, November 03, 2000 at 15:29:10 (CET)
My mothers name was Edith Esther Jensen, born in 1910 in aarhus denmark. came to usa in 1914. the name jensen drew me to this site. my mother was one of 12 children, only one aunt left and she says she knows nothing. my grandparents were axel Johannes Jensen and Elna Marie Nielsen born 1889. my grandfather did stain glass work, but ended up working at the newspaper in k.c. Missiouri. I know we are probably not related, just wanted to say hi to a Jensen in denmark. Pat McCoy
Pat McCoy <>
Houston, Texas (TX) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 00:36:50 (CEST)

Pat McCoy\
Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 00:28:47 (CEST)
I am new at this. My husband's Grandfather was from Denmark,Langeland. His name was Peter Johansen. He married Hannah Jensen who was born in Schlesweig-holstein.Peter came to America on June 2, 1878.
Ida Johansen <>
38257 South Fulton, Tennessee (TN) Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Sunday, October 22, 2000 at 04:49:47 (CEST)
Hej! Trevlig websida, trots att den tar lite lång tid att ladda...... Med vänliga hälsningar Bill Ragsdale A.B&Co (Anita´s privata computersupportkonsult)
Bill Ragsdale <>
288 32 Vinslöv, Sverige - Thursday, August 17, 2000 at 20:42:19 (CEST)
Küggyé nekem rajzot. kiruahómpédzsed!
Kolcse, [Andet] Amerikas Forenede Stater (USA) - Monday, June 05, 2000 at 21:05:08 (CEST)
Cool! x 10...
Dorin Sima <>
Rumænien - Monday, June 05, 2000 at 19:08:22 (CEST)
Det er en udmærket side at læse på ;-))
Bjørn Bauder <>
2100 København Ø, Danmark - Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 17:00:54 (CEST)
Fin side med gode oplysninger
Søren <>
2100 København Ø, Danmark - Thursday, April 13, 2000 at 13:15:22 (CEST)
Du har forandet en del siden jeg sidst var inde paa denne side ..saa det er godt keep it up
Ilsa Christiansen <>
pop 2go Webbwood, Ontario (ON) Canada - Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 13:53:05 (CEST)
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