Link til Fryxell
A small collection of microfiche with parish registry for Thisted and Vestervig*) county is available. Look up in the (not yet complete) list in Danish or use the quiry form which contain a growing list of parish available to me.
Mark that the list is a copy from the archive catalogue and contain all available fiche from the listed parish - the red marked is not in my collection.
Feel free to use the quiry form or send E-mail with query, and I'll look up or check Your data.

Observe it's only a small part of Denmark - and before approximate 1850 - I'll manage to cover with my little collection of resources. Mind as well the need to have more information than just a name to be able to help - at least time, locality and type of event.
  *) Vestervig only exist up to 1793.
by Poul Erik Jensen